Active Member

Who qualifies for Active Membership

3.3.1 Active members
A corporation or other legal entity that publishes a printed newspaper or news publication that: Bears a title or name; Reports local, general news and or editorial comment not less than an annual average of 25 percent of the publication’s content of announcements, miscellaneous reading matter, commercial advertising and classified advertising; Is at least four or more standard newspaper-size (or 8 or more tabloid-size) pages per publication; Is circulated and distributed from an established commercial place of business within the state of Florida to subscribers or readers; Is published at least once per week; Is for general circulation and distribution without regard to business, trade, profession or class; Has been continuously published for a minimum of one year; Follows professionally defined and accepted ethics and standards of journalism; Is distributed free or paid, subject to annual publication verification and submission to the Association of accurate circulation figures or is eligible to print legal advertising or other legal notices and meets page size, content percentage and distribution requirements as indicated above. Applicants must submit a current circulation audit performed by a nationally accepted auditing firm (such as the Audit Bureau of Circulations), or a copy of the most recent USPS Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation, or provide notarized statements from the firm printing the applicant’s newspaper, stating the newspaper’s average press run of the past three months.

How to Apply for Membership

Mail the following completed documents to Florida Press Association, attn. Membership at 1025 Greenwood Blvd., Suite 121, Lake Mary, FL 32746-5410.

  1. Active Member Application
  2. Current Circulation Audit (refer to the above bylaws for acceptable formats)
  3. 20 recent copies of your newspaper
  4. Payment by check for one year’s dues (view Dues Structure)
    Will be applied to the first year’s dues upon approval of membership

Upcoming Application Deadlines

For current application deadlines please contact the Membership Department at membership@flpress.com.

Please note deadlines are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the FPA staff.


Approval Process

You will be advised of the date of the next board meeting when submitting your application. All application materials must arrive at the FPA’s office by the deadline listed above for an application to be reviewed. Newspapers that have been accepted as members will be notified immediately following the board meeting. If your application is not accepted all prepaid dues will be refunded within 5 business days.


Contact our Membership Department at membership@flpress.com