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FPA Weekly Newspaper Contest

2022 Contest Finalists Announced

The judging of this year’s FPA Weekly Newspaper Contest is complete and a list of finalists is now available to review. For a list of winners in alphabetical order, please click here.

List of Finalists


The entry period is now over. Thank you for your submissions!
Entry Period: 12/27/21 – 2/7/22

Contest Information

The contest is open to all Florida Press Association monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, semi-weekly and tri-weekly newspaper members in good standing, whose 2022 dues are current by the date of contest entry and were FPA members in 2021. Entries may not be submitted from sister publications unless they are also members of FPA.

All contest entries must be the sole work of the newspaper staff and/or regular contributors.


  1. The deadline for ALL uploaded entries 11:59 p.m. EST, February 7, 2022. All mailed entries must be postmarked/dated on or before February 7.
  2. Membership dues for your newspaper must be paid by February 7, 2022 in order to be eligible to enter the contest.
  3. Submit all entries online unless absolutely unable. For entries that need to be mailed please follow the instructions in the following “How to Enter” section.
  4. To aid the judges, in the photography category, if there is more than one photograph on the page, indicate which photos are in the competition by adding an arrow pointing at, but not on, those photos.
  5. All entries must have been published between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021.
  6. Unless specified in the category description, all work MUST have appeared in print and must be submitted according to the category rules. Work that has appeared online only is generally not accepted, unless the category description says otherwise.
  7. A photo or story may only be entered once and only in one Division. This does not mean that an individual photo or story entered in one category may not be a part of a full-section entry, such as General Excellence. There are also exceptions for the following awards: Portfolio Photography, Online Slideshow and Multimedia Storytelling.
  8. All mailed entries from a single newspaper must be submitted at one time in one package.
  9. The entry fee for each individual entry you submit is $12. Payment can be made online or checks should be made payable to the Florida Press Association and mailed in compliance with the entry deadline.
  10. By participating in the contest, the newspaper will agree to follow the association’s guidelines in using the FPA Award logo and that the logo must include the year of the contest. For example, any 2022 contest winner would use a 2022 FPA Award Winner logo in all marketing of contest wins. If they use “FPA Award Winner” from any other year they must state the year they won the award.

Complete contest information including all rules, categories, and entry instructions can be found at the Florida Media Contests website.

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