How Active Member Dues Are Calculated

Print circulation

Charge per m (print circ):  $25 per m (less than 20,000)
Charge per m (print circ):  $7.50 per m (more than 20,000)
Multiple for daily newspapers: 1.5 x
Minimum print charge: $250

Digital Uniques

Digital unique charge per m: $1.75 per m
Minimum digital charge: $200

Group newspapers with one website are only charged the digital unique fee once

Minimum/Maximum Dues

Minimum total amount charged: $450
Maximum charged (cap): $10,000

Group Discount

Newspapers under common ownership that are published out of the same office receive a 20% discount for the second and subsequent members.

If there are 5 or more newspapers under common ownership that are published out of the same office, the discount is 50% for the second and all subsequent members. However, if a newspaper maintains a separate office for one or more employees, the group discount does not apply.

Monthly Newspapers

Monthly newspapers will pay 50% of the calculated weekly rate.


A calculator has been provided below to assist in estimating FPA membership dues. Please have the following information ready before downloading the dues calculator.

  1. Total print circulation (total paid circulation or total distributed if free)
  2. Total digital uniques (total monthly unique visitors on website)

Note: This calculator is provided as a tool to determine your membership dues. For help with the calculator please contact Karen Tower at ktower@flpress.com or call 321-282-5345. Your official invoice will be generated based on information submitted on your membership information update form.

Dues Calculator

Associate Members

The membership fee for Associate Members is $315 unless the Associate Member is a publication, in which case they will be charged the Active Member dues rate.

Online Members

The membership fee for Online Members is $500.


If you have any questions about dues, please contact Karen Tower at ktower@flpress.com or call 321-282-5345.