Print and Digital Media Experts and Leaders speaking to professional sales students

Thank you to the amazing sales professional professors in the nation for your work and the trust in our team to present to your sales students. We share the same mission as you: To help educate and deliver the highest level of understanding about professional sales in our ever-evolving media industry and what types of internships and sales opportunities are available to them.

Our media presentations can be customized for your class depending on your sales classroom focus.
This media educational opportunity is at no cost to you.

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“I’ve acquired an extensive appreciation for the privilege I’ve been given to meet and learn from Jodi Bell and Jim Fogler throughout our many interactions. They have been an instrumental part of my introduction to the transformation of the media industry and have provided significant value to my personal pursuit of knowledge as well as our marketing club and professional sales team here at Saint Ambrose University.”

Deon Harrison

President of SAU Marketing Club, Outreach Coordinator SAU Sales Program, Ambassador SAU College of Business, President SAU Sophomore Class, Vice President Black Student Union, Management Trainee Quad City Bank and Trust