LC² Capstone Application

It’s time for our LC2 Capstone program.  Are you ready?

The 26-week LC2 project culminates with a full-day capstone course at the Florida Media Conference at the Saw Grass Marriott Spa and Resort in Ponte Vedra on August 3 for those interested in additional leadership training and networking. Capstone participants will have an in-person networking opportunity, take a PI or Emotional Intelligence assessment, and learn about their superpowers and then we will dive into leadership conversation topics that were covered over the past 26-weeks, you will also receive a badge/certificate and will be invited to a cocktail reception with TOP media leaders from the state.

By submitting your video application, you will be considered for one of the 30 open slots as well as the 15 fully paid scholarships we will be selecting from the best question responses.

Deadline: June 3