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FPA Logo Use Policy

Among the privileges of membership is the right to use the FPA
logo on your website or printed publication. Members can use the FPA logo according
to the terms listed below. Non-members can use the logo only with prior written permission from FPA.

  1. FPA members must be in good standing, with current dues paid.
  2. Members must use the logo that corresponds to their type of membership (Active, Associate, Affiliate).
  3. The FPA logo should not, without prior written approval, be modified in any way other than size.
  4. You may not use the logo in any manner that references or in any way could imply FPA’s endorsement of any product, service, or content.
  5. You must immediately cease use of the logo if you are no longer an active member of FPA.
  6. You cannot assign your right to use the logo without prior written permission from FPA.


   FPA Active Member  JPG EPS
   FPA Associate Member  JPG EPS
   FPA Affiliate Member  JPG EPS