Fair Housing Act

FPA Fair Housing Act Advertising Guide



This guide was created as a training and reference guide to help FPA members and their advertising clients comply with federal and state housing laws and to avoid unintended acts of unlawful discrimination.  The Florida Fair Housing Act and federal Fair Housing Act impact everyone involved in such advertising.

Each newspaper should establish and document ongoing staff training, and implement a policy to encourage and promote fairness in housing advertisement. Individuals have a right to find housing without facing discrimination. This guide was prepared to help newspapers and their advisers support that right.

This guide is not designed to replace legal advice or serve as a defense in the event of a charge of discrimination. Fair Housing is an area of law that is evolving and may change depending on changing interpretations. Local jurisdictions may have regulations or ordinances that may supersede some provisions of the guide.

Following the concepts discussed in this guide should serve anyone attempting to create an inclusive, nondiscriminatory advertisement. However, consult legal counsel for assistance in individual situations. FPA members are encouraged to use FPA’s legal hotline at 877.NEWSLAW.


Fair Housing Act Brochure

Fair Housing Act Reference Card