Derek Dunn-Rankin

Derek Dunn-Rankin

Year Inducted: 2005

Derek Dunn-Rankin started his newspaper career as a paperboy for the Miami News. He worked his way up the management ladder there, at various newspapers in North Carolina, and then at the Norfolk Pilot, ultimately serving as President. He was Vice President of Landmark Community Newspapers before his return to Florida in 1977.

He first bought a shopper, then weekly newspapers in Venice and New Port Richey, which expanded into the fast-growing daily newspapers, the Charlotte Sun and the Venice Gondolier.

Dunn-Rankin served on the board of the Florida Press Association and was its President in 1982. He provided key testimony on issues relating to newspapers and played a pivotal role in the repeal of the services tax. His family has been important to his life and to the newspapers. His wife, three sons and his daughter have all worked for the newspapers. Derek Dunn-Rankin lives for newspapers and has contributed much to the success of the communities his newspapers serve and the industry that he loves.