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Former FLORIDA TODAY Executive Editor Bob Gabordi dies

Today the journalistic world is a little dimmer. Robert “Bob” Gabordi, father, husband, journalist, editor, perpetually optimistic Mets fan and friend, died Thursday morning. Bob, who’d suffered a stroke in November 2018 while he was executive editor of FLORIDA TODAY, saw his health deteriorate over the summer. He was hospitalized this past weekend with pneumonia. He was 65. Though small in…
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From the Legal Hotline (1-877-NEWS-LAW)

Q. My insurance agent wanted me to find out if there is a statute of limitations on liability suits against newspapers. We’re renewing our publisher’s liability policy and he says we could save a little if we could knock off past years after a certain time. Any ideas? A. Yes, actions for libel or slander…
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How Florida’s newspapers grew, prospered and struggled

It was 1782, the last year of the American Revolution, when British loyalist Dr. William Charles Wells arrived in St. Augustine. The South Carolinian brought with him a pressman, a “considerable amount of printer’s type,” and a dream. On Feb. 1, 1783, Wells launched Florida’s first newspaper, The East-Florida Gazette. In its third issue, readers learned…
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$25,000 Collier Prize for State Government Accountability

The entry period for the UF College of Journalism and Communications $25,000 Collier Prize for State Government Accountability is now open. The prize, now in its third year, honors the best in state government investigative and political reporting in every state. The prize is one of the largest journalism awards in the nation. We encourage…
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Public Notice Alert: Best Practice #5

As indicated previously, FPA is circulating best internal practices that address several areas in the new public notice bill (HB 35). The latest BP #5 outlines the data FPA must collect from members and publish in a quarterly report, as well as guidance to members on uploading this information on a timely basis to FPA’s…
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Latest Public Notice Newsletter Available: Discussion and Some Q and As on the New Newspaper Website Notice Option

By FPA Staff We have discussed in previous newsletters the new thresholds for newspaper legal notice qualification in the new Florida public notice law, HB 35. In the next newsletter, a second major area of the bill is addressed, and this relates to newspaper website-only notification. Specifically, the bill gives “government agencies” the option to…
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How can Publishers meet Community needs and drive Traffic?

Learn more by joining us for the Florida Press Association’s next VIP roundtable discussion on Tuesday, September 14 at 2 pm EST. This session brought to you by Modulist will focus on simple, cost-saving, and trustworthy solutions for newspapers to help individuals and businesses tell their stories, how they want them told. To register click…
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