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Let’s get your business back to business.

The new normal in our lives is starting to take hold and we’re seeing mounting desire to recharge America’s economy. For many of our local businesses, now is the time to welcome your customers back. As our smaller and mid-sized businesses think about launch-back plans, please don’t forget to leverage the professionals that have been…
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A special thank you to a new class of first responders – our community responders!

Of all the things we have in common, there is nothing in anyone’s memory like the COVID-19 pandemic, and its disruption to our health, economy, workplaces and personal lives. While we share the hope that we never again see anything like it, let’s pause to look at the good that has emerged from these troubling times. When calamity hits, we often look at…
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In COVID-19 Uncertainty, 2020 Census Counts Even More

As the impacts of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, continue to spread across our state and nation, so too does the uncertainty it brings to every community it touches. Businesses are shuttering, everything is canceled, unemployment is climbing at a record pace, and Congress is passing the largest disaster relief bill in our nation’s history, directing…
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During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, newspapers are in full force for our local businesses

It’s game on. Small and medium local businesses are truly the backbone of our communities. For hundreds of years, local newspapers have had a partnership with the local business community of which we are part. Florida businesses like the rest of the country have come to a screeching halt and are feeling the loss of…
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In a time of crisis, newspapers are there for you

As often said, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” Throughout the history of newspapers, we have delivered plenty of sunshine on how things work in Florida and in our communities in the spirit of serving the public’s interest. This coverage occurred long before many of us were born and has continued through major events including the…
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Carolyn Nolte named President and CEO of Florida Press Association and Intersect Media Solutions

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Carolyn Nolte, a veteran leader in the publishing industry, is the new president and chief executive officer of the Florida Press Association and Intersect Media Solutions. In this new role, Fogler will become the chief advocate for publishers in Florida and oversee management services to multiple state media associations. He also will…
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