Special Membership Meeting

Special Membership Meeting

In 2023, the FPA Board of Directors’ formed a bylaws task force that recommended changes to the bylaws, and which were later unanimously adopted by the full Board at their February 2023 meeting.  Under the bylaws, these recommendations need approval by 2/3 majority of the membership with 30-day notice, which was provided via email on Friday, January 12, 2024.

Twenty active members of FPA constitutes a quorum.  Changes will become effective upon approval.

A special membership meeting for all members is being scheduled on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at 1:30PM EST.  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87068191677?pwd=4csabpt4CG9kk8MTMzH4kQ1j9mHAOT.1

The main change recommended is to allow online publishers that meet certain requirements to qualify as active members of the association in keeping with ongoing changes in the industry and technology.  Here is a summary of the changes.

Active Membership Criteria 3.3.1
The major change allows online/digital-only publications to become active voting members, as opposed to just a non-voting associate online member.
Under the new language, there is only one definition for both print and online-only publications that apply for active membership.

The criteria include the following:

  • For publications with a print product, the printed component must have at least 4 pages.
  • Online-only products must be updated at least twice weekly.
  • A print product with a negligible online presence (not updating twice a week) would have to be published at least weekly.
  • Publication does not serve as a platform to promote special interest groups, opinions or causes.

Affiliate Membership and Associate Membership—online  3.4.15, 4.4.3

These membership classes are removed with applicable criteria merged into the Active Membership criteria above.

Associate Membership 3.4.2

Associate Membership may be extended to software/data services support company reps (e.g., Column or other software vendors) and allied advocacy groups (e.g., Tax Watch).

Board of Directors 4.2

Language requiring representation from at least four daily and non-daily newspapers is removed and replaced with representation from the “varied forms of newspapers and news delivery services qualifying for active membership.”

Committees—7.2, 7.3, 7.6, 7.7

The Nominating and Membership Committees are merged into one. The Legal Resources/Advocacy and Education Committees are deleted.

Audits 8.2

Audits must be conducted at least on a biennial basis (every 2 years), as opposed to an annual basis.

Please feel free to contact Sam Morley if you have any questions smorley@flpress.com