Bills Filed to End Newspaper Notice of Self-Service Storage Unit and Wrecker Liens

Bills Filed to End Newspaper Notice of Self-Service Storage Unit and Wrecker Liens

Recently, a bill was filed ending newspaper notice of self-storage unit liens (HB 283 by Rep. Borrero, R. Doral) by allowing them on “public websites.”

Also, a bill was filed ending newspaper wrecker (towing company) lien foreclosure notices for towing/storage fees (SB 332 by Sen. Burgess R.  Zephyrhills) and allowing them on a Div. of Highway Safety designated “online format.”

As you know, these notices are commonly published by our member newspapers and are important in letting owners and others know about the taking and disposition of private property.

The bills have not been assigned to any committees yet–but we expect that to happen soon and then hearings will begin.

We need your help in pushing back against these bad bills.  When the committees are referenced, we let you know their membership and will be asking you to contact those legislators in your readership area to oppose the bills.  

Here are some talking points:

Eliminating such notice is not in the public interest because:

  • Newspapers provide constructive notice
  • Newspapers and their websites are the dominant media in many communities
  • Newspapers provide a public service, keeping the community informed
  • Newspaper ads inform neighbors and family about potential sales of property
  • Newspaper ads increase exposure and sales for storage unit/vehicle/vessel owners

Placing these notices on undefined and likely obscure “public websites…that advertise…auctions” or “on an online format approved or operated by the division of highway safety…” will result in less notice and due process to owners before disposal of their valuable and in some cases irreplaceable personal property.

Without your assistance it will be hard to defeat these bills so we hope you will be in touch with your representatives and senators when requested.

Thank you, Jim and Sam.