Public Notice Uploads: Important Changes Effective 8/7!

Public Notice Uploads: Important Changes Effective 8/7!

Attention FPA Members who place public notices:

We wanted to share some important news with you regarding the way you upload your public notices to our aggregated FloridaPublicNotices.com site.  It was decided a few weeks back by the FPA board, for business reasons, we would reinstate our previous vendor Quoin and will be sunsetting the Column Solution very soon.  On the site enhancements, there is a new text and email notifications page, a robust mapping feature, and a Spanish translation feature to help with our diverse audiences.

Important Action item: On August 7, we’re asking each of our Public Notice newspapers to begin sending your files to the new site for the notices that need to be uploaded on the 8th.  You will find the FTP feed spec sheets and uploading process in the links that follow.

Upload Process

TXT & XML Feed Specs

What you need to know: 

  • Username/passwords for the site and FTP are being sent out to the last registered email address for the legal contact at the newspaper.  If your paper has not received an email yet, please reach out to Vanessa Lozada at vlozada@flpress.com so that she can update the contact email address and provide the login credentials.  Please note that the site it’s not live right now so if you try to test, it will not work.
  • If your newspaper has adopted the Column enterprise system then they will be handling the upload to the aggregated site, and you will not need a username and password.
  • Users can upload directly on the site using the Create/Upload feature or by using the FTP server.   The login credentials that are being provided will be used for both the site and the files when uploading to the  FTP server.  Again, the FTP spec feed documentation and instructions on how to create/upload text and display notices are available in the links above.
  • You’re now will be able to edit and delete notices as a newspaper user if needed.
  • The FTP server runs between 5 min to 15 mins after the hour (so if you upload at 9:30, the notices will upload and display at or around 10:05 or 10:15, if within the last 30 days) and for Archives, it runs at around 3:00 am overnight.
  • Newspaper and registered users can sign-up for text and email notifications, which we will encourage folks to use.

Working Timeline for IT teams:

  • August 7th — Column and Quoin will confirm all information has been sent over in preparation for the launch date of the 8th and send the final archive transfer.
  • August 8th — ‘Go-Live’ of the new site and transfer of any additional files once the site has been launched, if applicable, once the site is up and running.

Day of Go Live and after, what to expect:

When the crossover happens, there will be some downtime.  We plan on launching in the late afternoon/evening so that users are not affected and have time to get what they need to do done that day.  On August 8, when you log in, you’ll be directed to the new site.  User support will be available for any login issues that may arise and will be available for assistance with upload issues.  We will be watching the FTP logs as well for any errors and will be in contact with FL Press so that if there are any errors, the newspapers can be notified as soon as possible to help fix the issue and provide a proper solution so that the notices can be reuploaded as needed.

Thank you in advance for all your support and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have moving forward.  Check the FPA e-bulletin for more updates.