We are thrilled to announce that Intersect Media (IM) has partnered with the Digital Circular leader – Flipp.

Intersect Media is a driving force of media placement and innovation for the Florida Press Association and other Press Associations throughout the Nation. This coming year, IM is committed to empowering Florida publishers and the Florida Press Association with the technology of Flipp’s Shopper Consideration Platform to ensure loyal local readers are getting their inserts/circulars in print and in an innovative digital form.

“We are looking forward to our partnership with Flipp as they continue to grow and enhance their technology,” said FPA President Carolyn Nolte. “The Flipp team has shown its innovation and forward-thinking in the Digital Circular space. We are excited to be able to tap into their digital solution and collaborate as we seek to preserve our local pre-printed inserts and make them even more accessible to citizens and in the format where they look for them—in their trusted local newspapers in print or online.”

IM and Flipp will work together on deploying a new statewide Digital Circular solution for its newspaper members and their local communities across Florida and other states across the country. Additionally, IM will help support Flipp’s efforts to expand the adoption of its technology across Florida publishers as a powerful new tool for improving the Digital Circular experience, and the efficiency of getting these money saving opportunities for shoppers, especially grocery stores, directly to their desired audiences.

“Flipp is excited to work with Intersect Media to expand the scale of our Shopper Consideration Platform.  Not only will this partnership enable our retail customers to get their weekly merchandised content out to more Floridians, it will also help us reach more shoppers to help provide for their families and make life more affordable.”

As IM’s VP, Carolyn Nolte, explained, “Even with the elimination of state-wide non-paid printed products, Florida continues to be print media strong with the growth of Florida Press Association weekly member publications.  IM is so excited to help publishers innovate with this new technology to help fill any of these non-paid product audience gaps, simplify the insert process, increase readership and revenue, and deliver a powerful customer Circular experience digitally.”

About Intersect Media

*Intersect Media is the media agency and placement arm of the Florida Press Association and its 160 plus media members. IM is industry focused, local audience obsessed, and supporters of publishers/publishing industry. Our Vision is to create opportunities for growth, and innovative impactful solutions. Our Mission is to promote media sustainability by providing value, support, and education.

About Flipp

Founded in 2007, Flipp is a technology platform that is reinventing the way people plan their weekly shopping trip. The largest retailers and brands in North America use Flipp’s Shopper Consideration Platform to create, curate and distribute merchandised savings content to millions of highly-engaged shoppers every day. Millions of shoppers across North America use Flipp as their primary weekly shopping tool to decide what to buy and where to buy. On average, Flipp helps shoppers save $45 on their weekly groceries, home improvement goods, electronics, pharmacy, apparel, pets supplies and more. For more information, visit corp.flipp.com and follow @getflipp on social media.