Florida Media Conference Weekly Ideation Workshop, Exchange and Contest!

Florida Media Conference Weekly Ideation Workshop, Exchange and Contest!

We Want Your Entry… let’s share our best advertising ideas with each other and we all win together!

This ideation workshop is a safe space that allows for sharing and the generation of ideas. The main goal of this ideation session is to spark innovation and draw out a sense of creativity regarding local advertising by sharing what’s working in other markets. During this workshop, weekly newspapers will share many revenue generating ideas as possible that can be put into practice on day one of the conference.

Up to 20 Newspaper CAN PARTICIPATE, so get signed up today!!!
Print or Digital Revenue Ideas will be excepted for this opening idea workshop.
Each Publisher/Newspaper will need to reach out to Karen Tower at ktower@flpress.com by July 25 to enter for this exciting contest.

Entrants will be required to send in their idea concept, short explanation, mini-P&L and impact on the community.
Example: High School Annual Football Glossy Magazine, 100 pages, 450 color player photos, team stats and predictions for the season, $35,000 sold, expense $15,250, profit $19,750.
The Community Loved it, cheerleaders handed out copies at all seasons opening games!

As mentioned, up to and limited to 20 total entries only
Each newspaper representative will get 1 minute to explain their idea
Actual copies of the entry are suggested
Sales HANDOUT is also suggested

Prizes Structure:
Each entry will be voted on and three winners will be selected:
First Place $150
Second Place $100
Third Place $50

See you at the 2022 Florida Media Conference.