It’s here: NewsMakers

It’s here: NewsMakers

Brought to you by Sachs Media and your Florida Press Association

The Florida Press Association is entering into a strategic alliance with the integrated marketing and communications guru, Ron Sachs, and Sachs Media, to produce a timely, topical, and trendy statewide relevant video interview feature series called “NewsMakers.”

Every month we will share 2-4 high definition and succinct video clips involving 4-5-minute-long interviews with diverse leaders from Florida’s public, private, and non-profit sectors. This will range from elected and appointed officials leading state government to executives with professional and industry groups covering business, law, education, health care sectors and more — and insiders to the state political process with key insights and perspectives.

These exclusive features are offered free of charge to FPA members who should embrace the opportunity to promote and regularly publish them in a feature series expected to traverse the calendar of this exciting 2022 political year. The program will also feature periodic panels of journalists who cover the state government also providing perspective.

In addition to delivering this exclusive content to use, please feel free to have your sales teams sell around them.

Enjoy another benefit from your Florida Press Association!

Download NewsMakers Episode 1 here

*For your newspapers, please provide this promo copy under video:  NewsMakers presents an insightful & succinct perspective about the current widest political divide in modern American history — as analyzed by Dr. Bob McClure, CEO of The James Madison Institute think tank, in an exclusive interview with Sachs Media CEO, Ron Sachs