Announcing LC2 (Leadership Conversations + Capstone)

Announcing LC2 (Leadership Conversations + Capstone)

Coming January 2022!

The purpose of this program is to develop, retain and inspire the top sales leadership across Florida’s media organizations.

In January of 2022, we will be asking member sales leaders to invest 20 minutes a week to become a better leader by joining Bill Barker—a 30-year media veteran—as he discusses relevant leadership subjects and answers questions submitted by all of our association members.

Weekly Leadership Conversations is a limited LinkedIn Live series starting at the beginning of the year when people are energized and seeking new and innovative ways to be more productive and successful. Participants are encouraged to listen weekly. Recordings of these conversations will be posted on a Weekly Leadership Conversation YouTube channel.

Bill and, at times, his professional sales guests will bring “thought leadership” conversation to the table about how to lead, inspire, inform, and innovate. Potential topics for these Weekly Leadership Conversation sessions will include:

–    How to ask the right questions
–    Leveraging data to win
–    Power of messaging
–    Best practices in recruiting
–    Getting comfortable being uncomfortable
–    Giving feedback in a constructive way
–    Know your people
–    How to lead through change
–    How to measure success
–    How to be an influencer
–    What is social selling

This 26-week program culminates with an optional full-day capstone course at the Florida Media Conference in St. Augustine for those interested in additional leadership training and networking.

Stay tuned for more information!