Former FLORIDA TODAY Executive Editor Bob Gabordi dies

Former FLORIDA TODAY Executive Editor Bob Gabordi dies

Today the journalistic world is a little dimmer.

Robert “Bob” Gabordi, father, husband, journalist, editor, perpetually optimistic Mets fan and friend, died Thursday morning. Bob, who’d suffered a stroke in November 2018 while he was executive editor of FLORIDA TODAY, saw his health deteriorate over the summer. He was hospitalized this past weekend with pneumonia.

He was 65.

Though small in stature, Bob was a giant in the newsroom. A rare blend of tough, old-school journalist and gentle, thoughtful listener, Bob was always open to new ideas. He was instrumental in ushering FLORIDA TODAY into the digital age by supporting and promoting new avenues of storytelling utilizing video, podcasts like “Murder on the Space Coast,” longform narratives, phone apps and social media platforms to share what we journalists do.

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Pictured: Bob Gabordi, former FLORIDA TODAY executive editor, is pictured with his family’s much-loved chocolate Lab, Hazel. Provided