Need someone to improve the visuals in your newspaper or publication and on your wesite? I may just be the answer you’ve sought.

I want to make images for your publication in Florida. While I’d prefer a daily newspaper, I’d consider any kind of opportunity to create photographs. My experience in photojournalism and photography is quite extensive and varied, covering everything from portraiture to entertainment to performance to sports to large events to art to politics to news. For me, my photographs are about telling the story and capturing the emotion, doing it quickly, and getting it right the first time. I work well in all types of situations: studio, outdoors, low light, action, formal, individual, groups, or whatever.

I am a member of Nikon Professional Services and have my own Nikon professional grade camera equipment and an assortment of lighting equipment to meet any need. I use photographic software daily, including Lightroom, Photoshop, Photo Mechanic, Portrait Professional and more. While my video experience has been limited to mostly high school football, I have done some and look forward to doing more video work. I have also designed and created printed and advertising pieces over the years in my printing businesses, and I use various types of social media on a daily basis. Whatever the assignment, I will get the shot and get it done. I love what I do and I do it well.

I can handle any type of assignment that would come my way, from photographing the President to students doing dung beetle research to all kinds of sports action. I embrace every opportunity that comes my way to capture the essence of the story being told. My photos have been featured in several Florida publications, and I have been nationally lauded and recognized for my work. In my last staff position, I made photos for a daily newspaper in Kansas, but the Sunshine State called me home. You can see the calibre of my photographs on my websites, or

I have excellent written and spoken communication skills, have run my own printing businesses, and have many years of experience in the graphic arts field. I know how to take orders, but can work independently with very little supervision or direction. I am very organized and know how to meet deadlines. I have mentored and supervised others and have dealt with various outside suppliers. Among other things, in my career as a 911 Police Dispatcher and business owner, I have developed very strong customer service skills. I can deal effectively with all kinds of people in the community and at all levels, am able to adapt to ever changing situations, and manage several projects at the same time with great attention to detail. I am used to working whatever hours the job requires and I don’t call out sick. I have no family responsibilities, so I can be available for any assignment anywhere at a moment’s notice. So, after all of this, why should you consider me for a job? Because I’m an exceptional photographer that will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations, give you happy internal and external clients, and increase web traffic and sales. And everyone will get excellent images that they will love. Isn’t that what it’s all about? If you think so, contact me as soon as possible…..904-206-2669 or

Date Posted: 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014