Sports Writer

I have almost 20 years experience as a sports writer with the last 12 spent in the Atlanta area.  I am seeking employment with a newspaper in either a writing or editing capacity or both. 

During my years in sports journalism, I have covered a number of high school championship events involving a variety of sports in Georgia including championship finals in basketball, baseball, softball and soccer.  I have also written a weekly column on a number of sports topics and while my biggest strength is related toward game action, I have written several features over the years on a number of local athletes. 

I have several awards from the Georgia Press Association and am a very hard worker. While I work hard at my job I believe covering sports is enjoyable because you meet a lot of people and sports is simply fun to watch. 

During my years in the profession, I have acquired a working knowledge of computers, photography and Quark which has allowed me to be able to assist others when needed. 

I am willing to relocate if the opportunity is viable. Email to for work samples as well as a resume.