2013 Better Weekly Awards Presentation

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Contest Entry Period: January 8, 2014 - February 28, 2014

The 2013 Better Weekly Newspaper
Contest deadline was Thursday,
February 28, 2014
. The contest is open to all Florida Press Association
monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, semi-weekly, and tri-weekly newspaper members,
active and affiliates, in good standing, and whose 2014 dues are current by
date of contest entry. Entries must have been published between Jan. 1, 2013
and Dec. 31, 2013.

Entries to the 2013 Florida Press
Association Better Weekly Newspaper Contest will be submitted using a web-based
program at www.betternewspapercontest.com. This will require
you to save and prepare your entries for submission in a digital format. For
more information about file requirements click here.

The entry process is the same as last year, for
those newspapers that have entered in years past. For those who did not enter
last year, or who need a refresher on the entry process, download the Online Entry Instructions. Your initial password to enter the system is: bnc UNLESS you have an existing account that you set up last year. Then your password will be what you selected last year. If you need to reset your password please email ddunkle@flpress.com.

Use of the online system to submit entries is encouraged. However, mail-in
entries will be permitted with an increased per entry cost. The cost of an
online entry is $10 while a mailed entry is $12. Information on how to prepare
main-in entries can be found in Contest Rules & General

Attention! All entering newspapers are required to submit a new Circulation Verification form each year. This is to ensure all newspapers are placed in the correct circulation division for judging purposes. Failure to submit this form by Feb. 28, 2014 will result in the disqualification of your entries. Submit Circulation Verification Form Now.

The judging of the 2013 contest will
be completed by out-of-state industry executives. Newspapers entering the
contest this year will not be required to designate an individual
to assist with the judging process. All judging will be handled out-of-state.
The FPA Better Weekly Newspaper Contest winners will be announced at an awards
presentation at the 2014 Annual Convention, held July 10-11 at The Biltmore
Hotel in Miami/Coral Gables.


Contest Rules & General Information

Category Descriptions

Online Entry Instructions

Contest FAQ (includes file preparation info)

Method of Payment Form

Circulation Verification Form

Contact Devon at ddunkle@flpress.com or (321) 283-5272

Event Date: 

Friday, July 11, 2014 (All day)